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I’m so happy I’m bathing in gold

Ok so a lot of Lush’s products are amazing but this one took the cake it’s their Sunny Side bubble bar and it’s amazing I love it it made my water literally golden and it smells good and oh MAN

We gotta make a cover for our sketchbooks in my drawings class and this is how mine’s going so far

Man school has gotten me back into drawing so fast and I love it it’s so nice I’m a little rusty but it makes me really happy to get back into it

it looks like I’m crying in the corner of safeway but actually my eyes are just really watery and my nose is stuffed up because I’m probably sick but I’ve accepted that this is my life now, crying at safeway and using their wifi



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we had to redesign the Fantastic Four so I made them middle schoolers lol.

azteckestrel Asked: "I am literally a dryad. Instead of a tree I have a cactus. But in all seriousness, I love all you nice people. Living things are awesome. Not living things are awesome. Mean people are not awesome. Fruit hair and body art, piercings and plants."



some layout homework—